Academic Support for Restart Student

Now that you have made the decision to restart your academic pursuit, you should prepare yourself for the academic tasks ahead.

SD100 Towards Academic Success is a self-paced online course that contains information about the SUSS learning environment which is essential that SUSS students should be familiar with. The course also contains information on the expectations an undergraduate needs to meet to ensure a chance at academic success.

The cooling-off semester is an opportune time to get yourself prepared for your studies ahead. We strongly encourage you to use this time to complete SD100 and its associated activities.

The Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC) has also made available a free, 45-minute, one-to-one academic coaching session for you. During the virtual session, the Peer Coach will be able to share with you some important academic skills and study strategies to guide your academic journey at SUSS; you may also discover more about your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to academic skills, as well as finding out how to develop those skills. You are strongly encouraged to make an appointment for the academic coaching session with a Peer Coach, and you may do so by accessing the SD100 Canvas course > Modules > Book an Appointment with the Peer Coach.

Below are more information about SD100 Towards Academic Success: 

1. Where do I access SD100? 

The course can be accessed via Canvas. Access to the course on Canvas would be made available to you on its start date. You will be notified by email by TLC regarding the start date. 


2. How long will SD100 be available to me? 

Two months. Do be reminded to complete the course during the two months as there will be no extension to the course availability. 

For the cooling semester that coincides with July semester, the course will be available from October to November. 
For the cooling semester that coincides with January semester, the course will be available from April to May. 


3. How do I appeal for an extension of the SD100 course deadline? 

To appeal for an extension of the SD100 course deadline (to complete learning materials and activities, you must write to the Faculty-in-charge of the academic support programme (via within seven (7) calendar days of receiving the course completion status email, stating the grounds of appeal. The Faculty-in-charge will review the appeal, and TLC will reply to you with a decision within three (3) calendar days after the appeal email is received. 


4. What is considered successful completion of the SD100 course? 

To be considered as having successfully completed the SD100 course, you are required to fulfill all of the following criteria 

(i) Complete all learning activities in Canvas;  

(ii) Submit your Epilogue Reflection; and 

(iii) Complete all bite-sized learning activities on Gnowbe. 

Non-fulfillment of any of the above criteria will result in the non-completion of the SD100 course. 


If you face any technical errors (e.g., the course does not appear on Canvas after enrolment), or if you have any questions, please contact us at immediately. 

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