SUSS Innovation in Pedagogy Award (IPA)

The SUSS Innovation in Pedagogy Award (IPA) recognises and celebrates effective innovative pedagogical practices that have been introduced into a course or classroom, individual or as a team. The IPA is a Special Award category of the SUSS Award for Teaching Excellence


  • All SUSS Faculty and Associate Faculty are invited to submit applications for this award.
  • Applicants must be a full-time faculty or Associate Faculty. 
  • There are two categories for the award: (A) individual and (B) team. Each applicant can only apply for either the self or the team category in the same application exercise. 
  • For the team category, there can be up to a maximum of 10 persons in the application. 
  • Applicants of the individual category and the main member (first named in the application) of the team category must have taught for at least two semesters over the course of two years. 
  • Application for the Innovation in Pedagogy Award (IPA) is different from the SUSS Award for Teaching Excellence (TA). An applicant can apply for both the IPA and TA in the same year. 

Applicants have to submit a two-page narrative of the innovative pedagogy with *supporting artefacts that includes: 

  • Purpose of innovative pedagogy
  • Description of the innovative pedagogy 
  • Explanation of how the innovative pedagogy supports the intended learning and context
  • Evaluation of the achievement of intended learning outcomes

*Supporting artefacts must be embedded within the two-page writeup. These artefacts can include, but not limited to, students’ produced artefacts, teaching materials and resources, videos of teaching that are no more that 2 mins, CDD, learning plans, feedback from students. 


  1. Your application must not exceed two A4-size pages (Arial font; size 12; line spacing 1.15, margin of 1” throughout).
  2. Save your file in pdf format with your PI number e.g., E1234567.pdf. 
  3. This pdf file should be a 2-page document.
  4. Email your narrative using your SUSS email account to

You may download the application form template here.


  • Meaningfulness of purpose of innovative pedagogy 
  • Creativity in integrating and adapting pedagogical models, practices and techniques
  • Appropriateness of innovative pedagogy for the problem context – disciplinary domain, learning context, and needs and characteristics of the learners
  • Achievement of intended learning goals

Cash prize and certificate 

  • Individual: $500 
  • Team: $1000 

Up to a maximum of 10 IPA (individual and team combined) may be awarded. 

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