AD139: Generative AI in Tertiary Education: Effective Prompt Writing


Session 1:

5 Feb 2024 (Mon) 
1830 hrs - 2130 hrs
Mode: Face-to-face on SUSS campus


Session 2:

1 Apr 2024 (Mon) 

1830 hrs - 2130 hrs

Mode: Face-to-face on SUSS campus

Course Level: 

Target Participants: 
Associate and Faculty

Invited Associates/ Faculty will receive the registration details via email from TLC approximately four weeks before workshop.


This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the world of generative AI and provide hands-on experience utilising ChatGPT for tertiary education teaching. In this workshop, participants will explore key capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT. Participants will learn how to write effective ChatGPT prompts to design lessons, instructional activities, and assessments. This workshop will also equip participants with the skills and knowledge to navigate the ethical and privacy considerations related to ChatGPT.

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. Discuss the key capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT in tertiary education
  2. Use appropriate prompts in ChatGPT to design lessons, teaching and learning activities, and assessments
  3. Understand ethical and privacy implications of using ChatGPT in tertiary education

Online Resources

1. Generative Artificial Intelligence,
Large Language Models, Foundation Models

2. Hallucination in
Large Language Models
3. Overview of Generative
Artificial Intelligence Tools




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