AD163: Constructing Multiple-choice Tests


Session 1:

26 Mar 2024 (Tue) 
1830 hrs - 2130 hrs
Mode: Face-to-face on SUSS campus


Course Level: 

Target Participants: 
Associates & Faculty
(especially for Assessment Writers)

Invited Associates/ Faculty will receive the registration details via email from TLC approximately four weeks before workshop.


The aim of this workshop is to help the participants develop and refine their use of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) as an assessment tool.

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to address the following:
  1. What are the forms and structures of MCQs?
  2. How to write MCQs? How many options per MCQ?
  3. What are some types of MCQs?
  4. What MCQ information and results can I get from the Canvas LMS?
  5. How to vet drafts of MCQs?
  6. How to improve MCQs? (examples)

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