AD166: Item Banking in Practice


Session 1:

8 Apr 2024 (Mon) 
1830 hrs - 2130 hrs
Mode: Online


Course Level: 

Target Participants: 
Associates & Faculty

AD161: Fundamentals of Assessment, 
AD162 Principles of Adaptive Testing and Learning 

Invited Associates / Faculty will receive the registration details via email from TLC approximately four weeks before workshop.


An item bank is a system for producing assessment materials. It is also an essential part of an adaptive testing or learning system. This workshop offers an introduction into item banking and its applications from a practical point of view. Participants will gain insight into the do’s and don’ts when using an item bank to develop assessment materials. The main applications of item banking such as item development using automated item generation (AIG), item analysis, item selection and test assembly will be addressed. Participants will be able to understand and assess the usefulness of item banking in their own work and context. This workshop will be relevant to those working on the production of assessment materials.

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to address the following:
  1. develop an understanding of how item banking promotes valid and reliable assessment materials
  2. describe essential components in item banking
  3. apply automated item generation techniques to create an item bank
  4. recognise the potential for the applications of item banking

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