AD262: Data Interpretation and Insights


Session 1:

3 May 2024 (Fri) 
1830 hrs - 2130 hrs
Mode: Face-to-face on SUSS campus


Course Level: 

Target Participants: 
Associates & Faculty

AD161: Fundamentals of Assessment, 
AD162 Principles of Adaptive Testing and Learning 

Invited Associates / Faculty will receive the registration details via email from TLC approximately four weeks before workshop.


Understanding online learning and assessment data effectively has become increasingly important. When these data are used appropriately, they have the potential to empower practice such as to understand each individual student, student cohorts and quality of assessment and learning. This workshop aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to analyse and interpret data generated from an adaptive or online learning system. Participants will utilise the learning and assessment data to understand student progress, identify learning gaps and evaluate assessment quality. The ethical uses, opportunities and limitations of learning and assessment data will be discussed. Participants will also have hands-on experience in using a learning analytics dashboard to derive meaningful insights and translate them into actionable strategies to enhance student learning.

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to address the following:
  1. describe the purposes and uses of learning and assessment data, and key terminology
  2. interpret statistics and common outputs from learning and assessment data
  3. critique how learning and assessment data can inform practice
  4. develop learning strategies by drawing inferences from learning and assessment data
  5. discuss ethical uses of learning and assessment data

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