SDW217: Note-taking in the Digital Age


Session 1:

6 Feb 2024 (Tue) 
1900 hrs - 2200 hrs

Event ID: EV23000253

Mode: Face-to-face at SUSS Campus


Session 2:

13 Mar 2024 (Wed) 

1900 hrs - 2200 hrs

Event ID: EV23000254

Mode: Face-to-face on SUSS campus

Course Level: 

Target Participants: 
All Students

Registration Period: 
Session 1: 9 Dec - 29 Jan 2024

Session 2: 9 Dec - 5 Mar 2024

How to register:

  • Login to Student Portal.
  • Click on “E-Services” on the left menu.
  • Click on “Event Service Online” in Student eService.
  • Click on the “Event ID” of the specific workshop you wish to register for.


Effective note-taking helps students to manage and organise information gathered from readings and seminars in a way that improves higher order thinking skills. Given that students will have to make connections between disciplines in their course of study at SUSS, this skill will also enable participants to actively and quickly process and synthesise materials across different disciplines.

In an age where digital resources and interactive learning tools have become integral to the education landscape, this workshop is designed to provide participants with digital note-taking techniques using innovative platforms such as VitalSource Bookshelf, ThingLink, and LiquidText. The workshop aims to equip participants with the skills to optimize their study methods, engage with their course materials in a more interactive manner, and ultimately enhance their academic performance.


  • Limited to 40 participants per session
  • Students can sign up for either one of the sessions
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