Adrian Yeow

Associate Professor Adrian Yeow

Associate Professor, Accountancy Programme

School of Business

Tel: +65 6248 0221

Email: YWRyaWFueWVvd3lrQHN1c3MuZWR1LnNn

Educational Qualifications

PhD (Information Systems), University of Maryland, College Park, USA

B. Communication Studies (1st Class Honors), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Academic and Professional Experience

2008 - 2014
Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University

2003 - 2008
Senior Tutor, Nanyang Technological University

2001 - 2002
Manager, Product Development, Keppel Communications Pte Ltd

1999 - 2001
Senior Product Executive, Keppel Communications Pte Ltd

1997 - 1999
Product Executive, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd

Journal Papers

Agarwal, N., Soh, C. & Yeow, A. (2022).
Managing paradoxical tensions in the development of a telemedicine system. Information & Organization 32(1), 100393.

Wang, L., Goh, K.H., Yeow, A., Poh, H., Li, K., Yeow, J., Tan, G., and Soh, C. (2022). Habits and Automaticity in Alerts Dismissal. Journal of Medical Internet Research 24(2), e23355†

Goh, K.H., Wang, L. Yeow, A., Ding, Y.Y., Au, L., Poh, H., Li, K., Yeow, J., and Tan, G. (2021).
Mining of clinical notes for readmission prediction in geriatric patients. Journal of Medical Internet Research 23(10), e26486†

Goh, K.H., Wang, L., Yeow, A., Poh, H., Li, K., Yeow, J., and Tan, G. (2021)
“Artificial intelligence in sepsis early prediction and diagnosis using unstructured data in healthcare” Nature Communications 12, p. 711.

Yeow, A. & Chua, C. (2020)
"Multiparty sensemaking: A technology vendor selection case study" Information Systems Journal 30(2), pp. 334-368.

Chua, C., Yeow, A., & Soh, C. (2019)
"How Do You Perpetuate Enterprise System-Enabled Change When Top Management Participation and Involvement Diminish?" Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems 11(4), pp. 7-43.

Low, J. Y. H., Goh, K.H., Agarwal, N., Soh, C., & Yeow, A. (2019)
"Cost Analysis of Implementing a Telegeriatrics Ecosystem with Nursing Homes: Panel Data Analysis" Health Systems 9(4), pp. 285-292.

Chan, C., Teoh, S.Y., Yeow, A. & Pan, G. (2019)
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Rindova, V., Martins, L., & Yeow, A. (2016)
"The Hare and the Fast Tortoise: Dynamic Resource Reconfiguration and the Pursuit of New Growth Opportunities by Yahoo and Google (1995-2007)" in Timothy B. Folta , Constance E. Helfat , Samina Karim (ed.) Resource Redeployment and Corporate Strategy (Advances in Strategic Management, Volume 35) Emerald Group Publishing Limited Vol. 35, pp. 253-284.

Yeow, A. & Goh, K.H. (2015)
"Working Harder or Working Smarter?: Information Technology and Resource Reassignment in Health-care Processes" MIS Quarterly 39(4), pp. 763-785. (Best Paper Award for SIG Health 2016)

Rindova, V., Yeow, A., Martins, L. & Faraj, S. (2012).
How new firms use partner portfolios to pursue growth: Lessons from Yahoo and Google (1995-2008). Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (Special Issue on Technology Entrepreneurship) 6(2), pp. 133-151

Lim, W.K., Sia, S. K., & Yeow, A. (2011).
Managing risks in a failing IT project: A social constructionist view. Journal of the Association for Information Systems 12(6), pp. 275-400

Yeow, A. & Faraj, S. (2011),
Using Narrative Networks to study Enterprise Systems and organizational change. International Journal for Accounting Information Systems12(2): 116-125

Chua, C. & Yeow, A. (2010),
Artifacts, Actors and Interactions In The Cross-Project Coordination Practices of Open-Source Communities. Journal of the Association for Information Systems. 11(12), pp. 838-867

Yeow, A. & Sia, S.K. (2008),
Negotiating best practices in package software implementation. Information & Organization, 18 (1), pp. 1-28

Selected Conference Papers:

Wang, L., Goh, K.H., Yeow, A. (2022)
“Predicting ICU Transfers: A Periscope for ICU Capacity Planning” Conference on Health IT and Analytics (CHITA) 2022, USA

Yeow, A. Lim, S. Y., and Foong, P.S. (2021)
"Temporary organizations in extreme events: A resourcing model of temporary organizing" 37th EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) Jul 8-10, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Lim, C.S., Foong, P.S., Yeow, A. and Koh, G. (2021)
"A Case Study of User Experience Design in a Disrupted Context: Design and Development of a Vital Signs Self-monitoring System" ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2021, Online, (May 8-13). (Top ranked HCI conference, rated A*)

Yeow, A. Soh, C., Goh, K.H. and Wang, L. (2020)
"Integrating Data Analytics with Clinical Work: An Affordance Actualization Approach" 80th Academy of Management Meeting, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Yeow, A. and Lim, W. K. (2020)
"Digital infrastructure as "part of the furniture": Building and breaking digitally-enabled institutional order" EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) Jul 2-4, Hamburg, Germany.

Yeow, A., Soh, C., Goh, Q.W., and Hansen, R. (2019)
"Digital Transformation: Of Paradoxical Tensions and Managerial Responses" 40th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2019, Munich, Germany.

Goh, KH., Yeow, A., Poh, H., Yeow, J., Le, W., Li, K., and Tan, G. (2019)
"Text Mining of Clinical Progress Notes to Predict Future Onset of Sepsis in Hospitalized Patients" 15th International Conference on Rapid Response Systems and Medical Team Emergency Teams (iSRRS), International Society for Rapid Response Systems.

Yeow, A. and Lim, W.K. (2018)
"KOMIDA: Making Microfinance Digital in Indonesia" 38th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), San Francisco, USA.

Yeow, A. and Goh, K.H., (2018)
"Prescriptive algorithmic model for antibiotics DSS" OR60 Annual Conference, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK. 11 – 13 Sept 2018.

Yeow, A., Soh, C., Low, J., Tan, L., Chia, J., Toh, HJ, and Agarwal, N. (2018)
"How to implement a technology enabled integrated care network: GeriCare@North’s Case Study" Global Conference on Integrated Care 2018, Agency of Integrated Care.

Yeow, A. and Lim, W.K. (2017)
"Resisting Technology-Enabled Change Within Healthcare Organization" 77th Academy of Management Meeting, Atlanta, GA, USA

Agarwal, N., Soh, C., and Yeow, A., (2016)
"Value Co-creation in Integrated Care Ecosystems: A Member Perspective" 36th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Dublin, Ireland. (joint work with Goh, K.H.)

Rindova,V., Martins, L.,&Yeow,A.(2015)
"The Hare and the Fast Tortoise: Dynamic Resource Reconfiguration and the Pursuit of New Growth Opportunities by Yahoo and Google (1995-2007)" 2015 Special Conference on Corporate Strategy and Resource Redeployability, Nov. 1-3, Strasbourg, France.

Agarwal, N, Soh, C., and Yeow, A. (2015)
"Developing IT-enabled Integrated Care: A Network Organization Perspective," 74th Academy of Management Meeting, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Yeow, A. and Faraj, S. (2014)
"Technology and Sociomaterial Performation", B. Doolin et al. (Eds): IS&O 2014, IFIP AICT 446, pp. 48-65 (Auckland, NZ)

Yeow, A. (2013).
"Emergence of hybrid practices in a complex institutional environment" 72nd Academy of Management Meeting, Orlando, FL, USA.

Yeow, A., and Goh, K.H. (2012).
"Healthcare processes and IT: Exploring Productivity Gains through Improved Allocative Efficiency" Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Orlando, FL, USA.

Yeow, A., and Chua, C. (2012).
"Managing the RFP Process from a Discursive Perspective" 71st Academy of Management Meeting, Boston, MA, USA.

Yeow, A., Soh, C. and Koh, C. (2010).
"Work context and its implication for coordination practices: A study of work in complex projects" Proceedings of the 70th Academy of Management Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Yeow, A. and Faraj, S. (2010).
"The Tension between Global and Local practices in an Implementation of Electronic Medical Record System" EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) June 28-Jul 3, 2010, Lisbon, Portugal

Lim, W.K., Sia, S.K., and Yeow, A. (2009).
"Managing risk in a failing IT project" Proceedings of the 69th Academy of Management Meeting, Chicago, IL

Yeow, A. and Faraj, S. (2008).
"Marrying Work and the Technical Artifact within the Healthcare organization: A Narrative Network Perspective on IT Innovation-Mediated Organizational Change" Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Paris, France. (Nominee for Best Paper Award)

Yeow, A. and Faraj, S. (2008)
"The search for "search": Understanding technological and strategic contests", Proceedings of the 68th Academy of Management Meeting, Anaheim, CA, August. (joint work with Rindova, V.)

Faraj, S. and Yeow, A. (2007)
"Lifting the hood of the technological evolution process for web technologies" Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Montreal, QC. pp. GT-1-18.

Yeow, A. (2007)
Entrepreneurial Actions and the Market Process: A Multi-Stage Communication Perspective, Proceedings of the 67th Academy of Management Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

Yeow, A., Soh, C. (2006)
A theoretical framework for knowledge transfer across complex IT project teams, JAIS Theory Development Workshop 2006, US.

Yeow, A., Johnson, S. and Faraj, S. (2006).
"Lurking: Legitimate or Illegitimate Peripheral Participation?" Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), (acceptance ratio: 18%), Milwaukee, WI.

Yeow, A. and Faraj, S. (2006)
"Beyond Path Creation: Lessons From The Evolution Of Internet Technologies", Proceedings of 66th Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings, Atlanta, GA, pp. OCIS J1-J6

Faraj, S., Gosain, S., and Yeow, A. (2005).
"Survival And Performance In The Internet Industry: Examining Network Characteristics Of High Performing Internet Firms?" Proceedings of the 10th INFORMS Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST), San Francisco, CA.

Sia, S.K., Yeow, A. (2005)
Fitting Square Peg into Round Hole: Embracing Best Practices in Vanilla Package Implementation. Proceedings of the 65th Academy of Management Meeting, Hawaii.

Case Studies, Book Chapters, and Teaching Cases

Yeow, A. & Foong, P.S. (2022)
“How to smoothen AI implementation in healthcare: Three domain-focussed prescriptions” Asian Management Insights, (forthcoming), SMU Centre for Management Practice.

Koh, W.C., Yeow, A., & Yee, T. (2022)
“To be a Goods and Services Tax-Registered Business or not – Decision making using analytics” 44th EAA Congress, Bergen, Norway

Chua, W.H., & Yeow, A. (2021)
“TU Packaging Group – Customer Profitability Analysis Case Study” 2021 MAS/IMA Teaching Case Conference, Waltham, MA, USA.

Yeow, A. & Lim, WK. (2018)
"KOMIDA: Implementing Digital Microfinance in Indonesia" Asian Business Case Centre, NTU (ABCC-2018-031)

Soh, C., Agarwal, N., & Yeow, A. (2017)
GeriCare@North: Building and Sustaining a Tele-Geriatrics Ecosystem Asian Business Case Centre, NTU (ABCC-2017-006)

Yeow, A., Lee, D., Tan, R., & Chia, M. (2017)
Fintech, Financial Inclusion and Micro Finance Institutions: A Case Study, in David Lee & Robert Deng (ed.) Handbook of Blockchain, Digital Finance and Financial Inclusion (Vol. 2) Elsevier Publishing Chapter 17 pp. 431-449. (September)

Soh, C., Koh, C., & Yeow, A. 2010,
MINDEF HR Transformation: Implementation to Go-Live.

Sia Siew Kien, Yeow Yong Kwang, Adrian, Soh Wai Lin, Christina, 2004,
Buying Made Simple: Evolving the New Financial Paradigm through the e-Procurement System in MINDEF.

  • Association for Information Systems (2004 - Current)
  • Academy of Management (2004 - Current)
  • Associate Editor for OCIS track in Academy of Management Meeting
    • Atlanta 2017
    • Anaheim 2016
    • Vancouver 2015
    • Philadelphia 2014
    • Orlando 2013
    • Boston 2012
    • San Antonio 2011
  • Co-Track Chair of Professional Development Workshop for ICIS (Munich, Germany 2019)
  • Co-Track Chair of IT and Healthcare for ICIS (Seoul, 2017)
  • Associate Editor for International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)
    • Governance, Strategy, and Value of IS (Austin, USA 2021)
    • IS in Healthcare (Hyderabad, India 2020)
    • General Topics (San Francisco, USA 2018)
    • Healthcare track (Dublin, Ireland 2016)
    • Societal impacts of IS (Auckland, NZ 2014)
    • Organization and IS track (Milan, Italy 2013)
    • Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence track (Orlando, FL, USA 2012)
    • Learning and Pedagogy track (Shanghai, China 2011)
  • Associate Editor for European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)
    • Business Models and Digital Transformation (Romania, 2022)
  • Track Chair/Program Committee Member in Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS)
    • Ethics and Information Systems (Chiayi, Taiwan 2016)
    • IT Project Management and Outsourcing (Singapore, 2015)
    • Healthcare IT (Jaewoo Island, Korea, 2013)
    • Social and Organizational Aspects of IS (Ho Chi Minh City, 2012)
  • Associate Editor, Journal of the Association for Information Systems (2021 – Current)
  • Area Editor for Systems and Clinical Informatics, Health Systems (2018 – Current)

2022 – Present
Research on how AI augment medical work and the future of work in
medical profession – collaboration with Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Business School, and NUHS / Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

2020 – Present
Research collaboration with Medical Informatics group in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital on the impact of NGEMR on referral process between NUP and SOC

2018 – Present
Research collaboration with Tan Tock Seng Hospital/NHG on Data Analytics in Healthcare

2016 – 2022
Research collaboration with Medical Informatics group in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital on impact of EMR system on healthcare processes

2011 – 2020
Research collaboration with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s TeleGeriatric Project

  • Intelligence Augmentation for healthcare IT
  • Impact of electronic medical record systems on health care processes
  • Dynamic capability development in e-businesses
  • Managing complex IT-related change projects
  • JSIS Best Paper Award for 2018
  • AIS Best Information Systems Publications Award for 2018
  • Best Paper Award for SIG-Health AIS 2016
  • Best paper nominee for ICIS 2008

2022 - 2025
“Artificial Intelligence in Augmenting Medical Information Dimensionality: The Future of Work in the Medical Profession” (Co-PI). Funding Source: MOE AcRF Tier 2 (EP4)

2020 - 2022
"Effects of implementing a common EMR across primary and acute care settings in separate institutions under NUHS" (Co-I). (JurongHealth Fund).

2019 - 2021
"Geriatric Patients Readmission Study using NLP to understand socio-economic profile of geriatric patients" (Co-I). Funding Source: ARISE-GERI Research Grant

2018 - 2021
Social Science Research Thematic Grant (SSRTG) "Digitization of Healthcare: Leveraging Analytics, Understanding Human Behaviours and Influencing Policies" (Co-PI). (Social Science Research Council)

2015 - 2018
"Integrated Care Capability in Regional Health System: Exercising Dynamic Capabilities in Network Organizations" (External collaborator) Funding Source: MOE AcRF Tier 1

2013 - 2016
"Digitizing Integrated Care: An Allocative Efficiency Approach" (PI) Funding Source: MOE AcRF Tier 1

2008 - 2011
"The impact of the implementation of medical information systems on business processes within health and health-related organization" (PI) Funding Source: MOE AcRF Tier 1

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