Jennifer Ang

Associate Professor Jennifer Ang

Deputy Director

Centre for Applied Research

Tel: +65 6248 4382

Email: amVubmlmZXJhbmdtc0BzdXNzLmVkdS5zZw==

Educational Qualifications

2005 - 2008
PhD in Philosophy, University of Queensland, Australia

M.A. (Research) in Philosophy, National University of Singapore

B.A. (Honours) in Philosophy, National University of Singapore

B.A. (Merit) in Philosophy and Political Science, National University of Singapore

Academic and Professional Experience

2018 - 2021
Director, Centre for University Core

Head, Common Curriculum UC

2015 - Present
Senior Lecturer, UC

2011 - 2013
Head, Social Science Core, School of Arts and Social Sciences, UniSIM

2010 - 2011
Associate Faculty, UniSIM

Tutor, Department of Philosophy, National University of Singapore

2007 - 2011
Lecturer, Hwa Chong Institution

2000 - 2005
Manpower Policy Executive/Career Manager, Ministry of Defence


Ang, Jennifer. (2010) (paperback reprint 2014) Sartre and the Moral Limits of War and Terrorism. New York: Routledge.

Book Chapters:

Ang. Jennifer. (2020) "Revolutionary War and Peace" in Peace and War: Historical, Philosophical, and Anthropological Perspectives, eds. Morgan, W. John and Guiherme, Alexandre, Palgrave Macmillan.

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Ang. Jennifer, Lim. Caroline, & Su. Mille. Creating a Caring Kampung: Rethink how to care and support caregivers, Opinion News & Top Stories – The Straits Times, 17 June 2021.

Ang, Jennifer. "Crossing the Moral Line of Intervention" in Todayonline, 15 August 2013.

Book Review:

F.M. Kamm, The Moral Target: Aiming at Right Conduct in War and Other Conflicts. In Philosophy in Review, Vol.35, No. 2: 85-7. (2015)

2022 - 2024
Member, International Standing Panel of Experts in Ethics (ISPE-E), Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics, Australian Defence College, Australia Defence Force

2021 - Present
Member, AI Singapore Scientific Committee (Governance)

2020 - Present
Member, Women's Committee Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP)

2018 - Present
Logic-based Therapy Consultant

2015 - 2019
Assistant Director South East Asia, Asia-Pacific Chapter of International Society of Military Ethics (APAC-ISME)

2014 - 2018, 2020 - 2021
Expert Mentor, Singapore Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Research Programme

2010 - 2012, 2019 - 2020
Member, Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy (ASCP)

  • Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Existentialism and Phenomenology
  • Ethics in Contemporary Issues (War, Revolution, Terrorism, Genocide, Humanitarian Interventions)
  • AI Ethics and Ethical Smart Cities
  • "AI Governance for Social Good". Invited expert panellist, ATxSG AI Singapore Conference 2021, 14th July 2021.
  • "In Conversation with Commissioner of Charity and the Charity Council". Invited presenter and panellist, organised by Commissioner of Charities, Charity Council, Law Society Pro Bono Services and SUSS, 19th April 2021.
  • Are autonomous weapons truly autonomous? Invited AI Expert Speaker to the Global Forum on AI for Humanity, October 2019 Paris.
  • Living Existentially. Dec 2019. Australasia Society for Continental Philosophy, University of Melbourne.
  • Drone Weapons and Moral Buffers. March 2019. The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy. Tokyo, Japan.
  • Bad Faith and Self-Forgiveness. May 2018. 13th Annual International Conference on Philosophy. Athens, Greece.
  • Hasty Forgiveness. October 2016. 10th International Conference on Applied Ethics. Hokkaido University, Japan.
  • Power of Revolutions. June 2015, 6th Asian Conference on the Social Sciences. Kobe, Japan.
  • Dirty Hands, Moral Blind Alleys and Moral Limits. June 2014, Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics, Notre Dame University, Sydney.
    Kant and R2P. October 2013, Cosmopolitanism and Conflict Conference, John Cabot University, Rome.
  • Limits on Global Conscience: The Responsibility to Protect. May 2012, The 7th International Conference on Philosophy, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens Greece.
  • Constituted and Constituting Freedom. Dec 2011, Australasian Society of Continental Philosophy Annual Conference, La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia.
  • Escaping and transforming consciousness, emotions and the body. Dec 2010, Australasian Society of Continental Philosophy Annual Conference, The University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia.
  • Reflecting on Reflection. March 2009, 2nd International Conference on Character Development and Experiential Learning, National Institute of Education, Singapore.
  • Thinking and Ignoring Conscience. June 2008, The 3rd International Conference on Philosophy, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens Greece.
  • Terrorizing through the language of terror. February 2008, Rhizomes IV: Power, Violence, Language, The School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies, The University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia.
  • Violence, War and Revolution: A Sartrean perspective. Nov 2005, Jean-Paul Sartre Centenary. The School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics, The University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia.
  • Lead Singapore PI. "Ethics of Autonomy and Care in AI Decision-making" in DesCartes: Decision-making of AI in Critical Urban Systems". Awarded by NRF to CNRS@CREATE. 2021 - 2026.
  • SEANNET Project Co-coordinator and Singapore PI. Southeast Asia Neighborhoods (SEANNET) Collective. Awarded by Henry Luce Foundation Southeast Asia Initiative to SEANNET Collective. 2021 - 2026.
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