Zhiying Jiang

Dr Jiang Zhiying

Head, Master of Digital Marketing, Graduate Certificate & Diploma in Digital Marketing Programmes

School of Business

Tel: +65 6248 9248

Email: amlhbmd6aGl5aW5nQHN1c3MuZWR1LnNn

Educational Qualifications

  • 2014
    PhD, Marketing, National University of Singapore
  • 2006
    MSc, Econometrics, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • 2005
    BSc, Business Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Academic and Professional Experience

  • Apr 2019 - Present
    Head of Programme, Master of Digital Marketing,
    School of Business, Singapore University of Social Science
  • Jan 2019 - Present
    Senior Lecturer, School of Business, Singapore University of Social Science
  • Oct 2017 - Dec 2018
    Lecturer, Marketing Programme, School of Business, Singapore University of Social Science
  • Jan 2014 - Jul 2017
    Assistant Professor, Department of Business Economics, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Guan Chong, Mou Jian, Jiang Zhiying. 2020, “Artificial intelligence innovation in education: A twenty-year data-driven historical analysis”, International Journal of Innovation Studies, 4(4),134-147.
  • Jiang Zhiying, Vanessa Liu, Miriam Erne, Calvin Cheng, Joseph Lee, 2020, “Do User Reviews Matter? Empirical Evidence on the User Involvement in App Performance”, International Journal of Engineering Research And Development, Volume16, Issue 8, pp. 23-88.
  • Jiang Zhiying, Vanessa Liu, Miriam Erne 2020 “Examining the Impact of User Reviews on Mobile Applications Development”, SAIS 2020 Proceedings. 36.
  • Jiang Zhiying, Guan Chong, Ivo. L. de Haaij 2019 “Congruity and processing fluency: an analysis on the effectiveness of embedded online video advertising,” Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, forthcoming.
  • Javier Cebollada, Chu Yanlai and Jiang Zhiying. 2019. “Online Category Pricing at a Multichannel Grocery Retailer,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 46, may, pp52-69
  • Surendra Rajiv, Junhong Chu and Zhiying Jiang. 2015. “Publication, Citation, Career Development, and Recent Trends: Empirical Evidence for Quantitative Marketing Researchers,” Customer Needs and Solutions, 1(2): 71-90.

Book Chapter

  • Guan Chong, Jiang Zhiying, DingDing “The Emerging Business Models,” World Scientific Future Economy Series Volume 2. January. 2020
  • 2022 April
    Consultation with Terumo, Singapore
    Project Details: Corporate training on Implementing Digital Marketing in a B2B sector.
  • 2020 July
    Consultation with HDB, Singapore (Pro Bono)
    Project details: Using customer journey mapping to optimize information acquisition on HDB digital portal.
  • 2016 October
    Consultation with Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Amsterdam
    Project details: Using review and rating data on Amazon to help product mangers improve their product design.
  • 2015 September
    Consultation with IMS Health, Rotterdam
    Project details: In depth and longitudinal analyses with patient adherence in using medicine.
  • 2014 June
    Consultation with IMS Health, Rotterdam
    Project details: Segmentation based on doctor’s usage pattern to produce targeted schemes of detailing service for new medicine.
  • Marketing and Customer Analytics
  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Learning
  • Mobile Economics
  • Sharing Economy
  • Jiang Zhiying, Lau Kong Cheen, 2021
    "Consumer Profiling of Singapore Market"
  • Jiang Zhiying, Vanessa Liu. 2020
    "The Voices of Local Retailers - A Survey Study of Annual Singapore Retail Insights"
  • Jiang Zhiying, Suman Ann Thomas and Rajiv Surendra. 2016
    “Inherent versus Constructed Preferences: To What Extent? A Memory-Based Dual-Process Model,” (finalizing for submitting to Journal of Consumer Research)
  • Jiang Zhiying, Navid Asgari and Junhong Chu. 2016
    “Unpacking Absorptive Capacity under the Context of Knowledge Alliances: A Dynamic Co-evolution Model,” (finalizing for submitting to Management Science)
  • Jiang Zhiying and Trichy Krishnan. 2016
    “Channel Delegation and Market Asymmetry,” preliminary results with first draft
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Business Statistics
  • Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • CFAR SUSS 2020-2021
    Title: Singapore Consumer Profiling and Insights
    Amount: $18,264
  • CFAR SUSS 2019-2020
    Title: The Voices of Local Retailers - A Survey Study of Annual Singapore Retail Insights
  • Marier Cuier Individual Fellowship Europe Union 2015-2018
    Title: Marketing Expenditure Budgeting: from the Upper Echelon to the Lower Echelon Amount: €177,598.80
  • AMA Doctoral Consortium Fellow, Texas
  • 10/2019 - Live interview at ‘Hello Singapore’ programme by Channel 8
  • 01/2021 SUSS Alumni Office & Louken Group @ZOOM
  • 09/2020 SUSS Alumni Office @ ZOOM07/2019 - HeadHunt Brownbag Master Class @ Tanjong Pargar Series
  • 08/2019 - 2019 SkillsFuture Fair @Suntec City
  • 08/2019 - 2019 Singapore Chamber of Chinese Commerce and Industry @ Suntec City
  • 09/2019 - HeadHunt Brownbag Master Class @ Science Series
  • 09/2019 - 2019 Ren SME Workshop @ SUSS
  • 11/2020 - IFIP WG 8.6 Working Conference, ZOOM
  • 11/2018 - 2018 KSMS International Marketing Conference, Seoul, South Korea
  • 07/2016 - The 13th Marketing Dynamics Conference, Hamburg University, Germany
  • 06/2016 - INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Shanghai, China
  • 06/2016 - The Greater-China Conference on Mobile Big Data Marketing, Hong Kong, China
  • 06/2014 - “Unpacking Absorptive Capacity under the Context of Knowledge Alliances: A Dynamic Co-evolution Model,” INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Atlanta
  • 05/2014 - AMA - ECMI - EMAC Marketing & Innovation Symposium, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • 06/2012 - “Consumer Brand Choice and Experiential Quality Learning: A Dual-process Model of Memorybased Judgment”, INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Boston
  • 10/2016 - Brown Bag Seminar, School of Business, SIM University, Singapore
  • 10/2014 - Seminar, School of Management, Xian Jiaotong University, China
  • 10/2014 - Seminar, School of Business, Nanjing University, China
  • 11/2012 - Seminar, School of Management, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
  • 11/2012 - Seminar, School of Management, Fudan University, China
  • 11/2012 - Seminar, College of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China
  • 11/2012 - Seminar, School of Management, Xiamen University, China
  • 11/2012 - Seminar, Department of Business Administration, Ankara University, Turkey
  • 11/2012 - Seminar, Graduate School of Business, KOC University, Turkey
  • 10/2012 - Seminar, UTS Business School, University of Sydney Technology, Australia
  • 10/2012 - Seminar, School of Business, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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