Sirene Lim

Associate Professor Sirene Lim

Vice Dean and Head, Early Childhood Education with Minor Programme

S R Nathan School of Human Development

Tel: +65 6248 9128

Email: 4oCLc2lyZW5lbGltbXlAc3Vzcy5lZHUuc2c=

Educational Qualifications

  • 2007

    Ed.D (Early Childhood Education), Teachers College, Columbia University, USA

    Thesis “Exploring colonization: Situating young children’s experiences in the multiple contexts of globalizing Singapore”

  • 2003

    M.Ed (Early Childhood Education), University of South Australia

  • 1996

    B.A. Hons (I), Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, UK

Academic and Professional Experience

  • 2007 - 2013

    Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education, NTU

  • 2004 - 2006

    Teaching Assistant, Teachers College, Columbia University (Curriculum & Teaching Department and the Rita Gold Early Childhood Centre)

  • 1996 - 2003

    Education Officer (Secondary, Junior College, & HQ), Ministry of Education, Singapore

Journal Articles (Refereed):

Early childhood care and education in a consumer society: Questioning child-adult binary and childhood inequality.
Lim, S. M. (2015). Global Studies in Childhood, 5(3), 305-321.

Allied educators (learning and behavioural support) in Singapore’s mainstream schools:
first steps towards inclusivity? (with M.E. Wong & D. Tan), International Journal of Inclusive Education, (2014), 18(2).

Learning and language:
educarer-child interactions in Singapore infant-care settings (with C. Lim), Early Child Development and Care, (2013), 183(10).

Privileging preschool children’s voices in research:
Use of drawings and a co-construction process (with J. Tay-Lim), International Journal of Qualitative Methods, (2013), 12.

Creating polyphony with exploratory web documentation in Singapore (with C.H. Lum),
Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, (2012), 37(4).

Book Chapters:

Lim, S. M. & Lipponen, L. (In press, 2018).
Pedagogical leadership and conflict of motives in commercial ECEC environment. In S. Cheeseman & R. Walker (Eds). Thinking about pedagogy in early education: Pedagogies for leading practice. Routledge.

Sum, C. W., Lim, S. M., & Tan, C. T. (In press, 2018).
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Lim, S. M. (2017).
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In M. Fleer and B. van Oers (Eds.). Early childhood education and development in Singapore. International handbook of early childhood education and development, pp. 649-662. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer.

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Lim, S. M. (2016).
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“Early Childhood Curriculum and Developmental Theory.”
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“Reconsidering the play/work dichotomy in pedagogy,”
eds. M. Ebbeck & M. Waniganayake, Children’s play in early childhood education: Facilitating learning in diverse contexts. Oxford University Press (2010).

  • Association for Early Childhood Educators, Singapore
  • American Educational Research Association
  • Management Committee, Healthy Start Child Development Centre, Beyond Social Services, Singapore
  • Associate Editor for journals: International Journal of Early Childhood and Pedagogies: An International Journal
  • Journal reviewer for educational research journals such as Teaching and Teacher Education; International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education; International Journal of Multicultural Education
  • Workshops for Early Childhood Development Agency
  • Early years integrated curriculum; early education policy and pedagogy
  • Play, sociology of childhood
  • Teacher learning and leadership

Lim, S.M. (2012, July).
Children as co-researchers and participants in Singaporean research: Perils and promise. Pacific Early Childhood Research Association Annual Conference.

Lim, S.M. (2011, Nov).
Plenary 1: Engaging, developing and assessing young learners. Keynote Address, ‘Celebrating learning, Transforming practice’ Academy Symposium, 10 Nov 2011, organised by the Ministry of Education Academy of Singapore Teachers. Singapore.

Lim, S.M. (2011, Sept).
优质教学的定义是什么?: 探索学前课室中教师与幼儿的互动 (What is quality teaching?: Exploring teacher-child interactions.) Keynote Address, 第二届“华文作为第二语言之教与学” 国际 研讨会: 学前转场 (2nd International Conference on Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Second Language: Preschool Symposium), 8 Sept 2011, organized by Singapore Centre for Chinese Language. Singapore.

Collaborator: Leveraging leadership to sustain the dynamic professional development and identities of preschool teachers: The case for Knowledge Building Community
WDARF Grant awarded to NIE OER

Co-Principal Investigator: Vital Voices (2)
Lien Foundation

Principal Investigator: Principal Matters Research Project
Lien Foundation

2010 - 2013
Co-Principal Investigator: Images of practice in arts education in Singapore
(OER 7/10 LCH) ERFP NIE (S$214,097)

2010 - 2011
Co-Principal Investigator: A study of current practices employed in the care and education of children aged 2 months to 30 months in Singapore
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (S$61,067)

2009 - 2010
Co-Principal Investigator: A Development Project for the Scoping of the Singapore Early Years Longitudinal Study
(OER 15/08SW) ERFP NIE (S$ 95,039.81)

2009 - 2011
Principal Investigator: Teaching diverse learners: Conceptualisations and pedagogies of preschool teachers
(OER04/08SL) ERFP NIE (S$99,990)

2009 - 2010
Principal Investigator: Exploring emerging identities of special needs officers in Singapore primary and secondary schools (OER05/08SL) ERFP NIE (S$54,486.56)

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