A Preliminary Study of Improving Urban Public Spaces in Surabaya…

Urban public spaces are vital features for city dwellers. These are the places where city dwellers get free access to gather, socialize, or enjoy solace. Hitherto, urban public spaces are ideally inclusively designed. But, inclusive design is a condition hardly found in developing in many cases... This project is a part of a service learning coursework aiming the student involved to actively accompany and collaborate with the visually impaired people to map the less favourable conditions of parks and sidewalks using the sonic perception of the visually impaired people. Here, both communities work in mutualism, where the sighted students learn how to accommodate the needs of people with visual disability, whereas the visually impaired get a chance to experience more of the urban public spaces and that their shortcomings are a useful tool to map, and later, improving the less favourable urban conditions.

Tags:Diversity and InclusionEnvironment and SustainabilityHealth and Well-being

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