Aging simulation, empathy and communications workshop...

Social isolation is on the rise and seniors in particular are at risk. As part of social responsibility, we must develop strategic ways to enable senior engagement within the community. Participants will go through an introduction to aging, an interactive session on aging simulation, and communication skills training. With this perspective, participants will better understand how they can combat social isolation within their sphere of influence. We will also illustrate the impact of trishaw rides on participants of service learning.

Target Audience:
- People involved in supporting seniors in different capacities:
(1) as primary carers
(2) as volunteers in organisations supporting seniors
(3) in communities where there is a growing number of seniors that are
dependent on the community for engagement and support

Keywords: Sustainable Development Goals, Aging Simulation, Empathy and Communications, Impact of trishaw rides, Cycling Without Age, students, inter-generation

Tags:Ageing and ElderlyCommunity BuildingHealth and Well-being

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