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Environmental Science class is an integral part of any modern 21st century Civil Engineering education curriculum. The rising need for sustainable development education in addition of education that does not only focus on the cognitive part but also the affective part required an evaluation of Environmental Science class curriculum. Petra Christian University began to apply Service-Learning style of education in its Environmental Science class since 2017, in order to fulfill the previously stated challenges. Reworks on class material and implementation of class-wide Service-Learning project was done. Putting student’s creativity and autonomy at the forefront of the Service-Learning project, the class is considered as a success. The student-produced reflections and academic report that demonstrated their comprehension of sustainable development showed that the Service-Learning project managed to educate their heart. The Service-Learning based Environmental Science class can be used as a model and precedent for other Civil Engineering Departments that want to implement meaningful and impactful Environmental Science class.

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