Connecting the Dots... Life Frontier Engagement of Lady Doak College, India

This research studies the connection between the students, faculty and the community during the process of Life Frontier Engagement. It discusses the personal challenges the students face when they are suddenly pushed to do community focused academic program which requires them to apply their theoretical learning practically in the community and it also discusses the challenges faculty face to facilitate a dynamic course that requires a theoretical and practical understanding of the subject to work with the community. This study is conducted through an exploratory, mixed-methods design. The authors explore the formulation of a strong action plan for planned development, strengthen partnerships and deepen commitment thereby accomplishing the goals of the institution for engaged scholarship and development.

Keywords: India, Lady Doak College, Service-Learning, Life Frontier Engagement, APRCSL, partnerships, Higher Education, Stakeholders’ Engagement, Social Responsibility

Tags:Community Building

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