On Circle Processes in Institutes of Higher Learning

This conference paper "On Circle Processes in Institutes of Higher Learning: Perspectives from Students and Community Partners in Reciprocal Learning and Community Building" highlights the critical reflections of Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) students, relating to their lived experiences in circle processes - applying restorative approaches through Project ReKnew.

Project ReKnew is a student-initiated community-engaged (CE) project established in 2021, with aims to raise awareness of the need for respectful relationships between genders in university settings, through restorative processes.

The differential dynamics of two batches of students prompted this critical reflection into what makes circle processes impactful for students, and the significant role of our community partner, Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) in empowering students to participate in and facilitate community-building circles.

From insights built from students’ critical reflections, the Office of Service-Learning (OSL) in SUSS aims to build and sustain a student-driven community to enhance circle processes; as well as deepening knowledge and learning focused on building respectful relationships between gender, and sexual harm/violence etc. in university settings.

This paper was presented at the 9th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service-Learning (APRCSL) organised by CHRIST University (Bangalore, India) on 20 Jul, 2023.

Tags:Community BuildingDiversity and Inclusion

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