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As a result of improved living standards and medical advancement, the life expectancy has been increasing throughout the world. An ageing population leads to a much higher demand for healthcare and social welfare. Making products, facilities, and services inclusive to people of all ages also becomes an essential step in design and planning. This panel session will bring together administrators, teachers and students from universities and schools, and community partners to share their practices with stellar examples of service-learning initiatives.   They will explore how different stakeholders in service-learning can learn from each other when trying to improve how we could contribute to build a socially inclusive and age-friendly society.  The panel will also review and reflect on the most promising solutions emerging from new evidence and innovation.

Keywords: APRCSL, Lingnan University, service-learning, stakeholders, service-learning initiatives, socially inclusive, age-friendly society.

Tags:Ageing and ElderlyCommunity BuildingDiversity and InclusionHealth and Well-beingOthers

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