The viewpoint of disability studies in service learning

The importance of service learning is emphasized in many schools especially in universities. Considering that it is not only capable of implementing the social responsibility of universities, but also enable the students to grow within the process of service learning. The features of service learning, which is to equip students with interdisciplinary knowledge in a real setting, meanwhile enable them to cultivate the attitude of introspection and be kind to others. The emphasis of this article, which is to rethink the hierarchy (The relationship between the main body and object) included in service learning from the perspective of disability studies. Even with the emphasis in intersubjectivity on service learning, there is still controversy in the operations on account of the short term stay, inefficient preparations, and ambiguities concepts etc.

Keywords: APRCSL, disability, viewpoint, service-learning, social responsibility, interdisciplinary knowledge, University of Macau.

Tags:Community BuildingDiversity and InclusionHealth and Well-being

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