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Provision of Legal Services for Singapore University of Social Sciences' (SUSS) Procurement of Electronic Information Management System and Consultancy Services for the Proposed SUSS Campus Development Project

Published on 20 October 2023
Closing on 3 November 2023, 3pm


Tenderers are to fulfill the following critical criteria for their submissions to be further evaluated:

  • Registration with Government Supplier Registration

    The Tenderer shall be registered with the Government Supplier Registration (GSR, formerly known as EPPU Registration) under the Supply Head EPU/SER/34 – Consultancy Services, of Financial Grade S4 (up to $500,000) or above.  

  • Valid Registration for Law Practice in Singapore

    The Tenderer must be a Singapore Law Practice (“SLP”) or a Foreign Law Practice (“FLP”) or a Joint Law Venture (“JLV”) registered with Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) to practise law in Singapore in accordance with Legal Profession Act 1966.  

  • Debarment Status

    The Tenderer (including his officials) shall not be suspended or debarred by the University or the Standing Committee on Debarment, c/o Ministry of Finance from participating in the University’s tender opportunities or public sector tenders respectively or be facing any disciplinary action. 
  • Financial Standing

    The Tenderer shall be financially viable to undertake the Contract based on the most recent six (6) years' audited financial statements or GSR/BCA registration based on Work/Supply Head and Financial Grading specified. The Tenderer shall submit a copy of their financial statements for the last six (6) years.



      To enquire on this tender, please write in to Michelle Lim: by 26 October 2023.

      Thank you and we look forward to your participation.

      Click HERE to participate

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