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Provision of Manpower Services (Software Developer) 

Published on 15 Mar 2023
Closing on 4 Apr 2023, 3pm


Tenderers are to fulfill the following criterial criteria for their submissions to be further evaluated:

  • The Bidder (including his officials) shall not be suspended or debarred by SUSS or the Standing Committee on Debarment, c/o Ministry of Finance from participating in the University’s procurement opportunities or public sector tenders respectively or be facing any disciplinary action.
  • The Bidder shall be financially viable to undertake the Contract based on the most recent three (3) years' audited financial statements and/or GSR/BCA financial grading specified.
  • The Bidder shall not be facing any actual or threatened litigation or winding up proceedings, or a petition for or placed under judicial management.
  • The Bidder must have a registered Singapore office.
  • The Bidder must show successful match of developer to the required skillset in past projects.
  • The Bidder must be able to invoice and receive payment in Singapore dollars (SGD).


To enquire on this tender, please write in to Hong Jialin: by 28 Mar 2023.

Thank you and we look forward to your participation.

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