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S R Nathan School of Human Development

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Opinion Pieces by Faculty Members

Don’t isolate kids with autism, involve them in regular activities

Eunice Tan, The Straits Times, Opinion, 20 April 2024


Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan and the myth of career success at every age

Brandon Koh, The Straits Times, Opinion, 23 March 2023

Looking beyond Singapore’s medal count at the 19th Asian Games

Eugene Chew, CNA, Commentary, 16 October 2023

Pre-school admission only the first step in helping kids from disadvantaged families

Sirene Lim and Cynthia Lim, The Straits Times Online, Opinion, 13 November 2023

Is Singapore's healthcare primed for a bigger, older population? 

Kelvin Tan, The Straits Times Online, Opinion, 15 November 2023

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