About School of Business

Our Vision

The business school of choice for diverse learners.

Our Mission

To provide industry-relevant business education and skills for diverse learners and to generate useful business and management knowledge for society.

Our Core Beliefs

  • We are here to help our students to obtain a relevant business and management degree that will support an enriching career.
  • We will prepare our students to become knowledgeable professionals who are ready to manage and lead.
  • We strive to give our students a great learning experience by providing:
    • Dedicated, experienced and inspiring teaching faculty.
    • Industry links and business networking.
    • Real-world learning such as case studies, site-visits, work-based assessments, seminar discussions and other pedagogies.
    • A supportive and flexible learning environment so that our students can study while they work.

Our Real-World Curriculum

"In the School of Business, our students learn and apply what they learn in class while they work."

The SUSS School of Business brings the business world into the classroom and the students into the business world. Our curriculum fits the needs of the working adult, incorporating real-life experiences and knowledge. What would be an optional offering in other undergraduate programmes is often a core component of our Business school programmes.

Our real-world discussions and practice-oriented assignments are facilitated by our unique student cohort who is made up of working professionals from various industries in the private and public sectors.

The real-world curriculum is further enhanced through site visits and talks by invited speakers from the industry and academia. These are made possible through our close partnerships and collaborations with our industry partners. This close industry involvement aids in tailoring a learning experience that is closely tied to real-world business requirements

Our Industry-Experienced Faculty

Our full-time faculty manages our programmes and develops the curriculum, ensuring that the knowledge and skills we impart to our students equip them for the business world of today and prepare them for the future.

Our programmes are supported by our experienced associate faculty from the various industries and academia. With their relevant professional working backgrounds, our associates are not only able to share their experiences; they also assist through the writing of business cases which are used in many of our courses.

In addition, the school actively conducts applied research to generate new knowledge. Our full-time faculty members frequently publish their research in journals, present their work at conferences and express their opinions in Singapore's major media outlets.

Learning Journey at School of Business

The First Step: Making the Commitment

"For every student, the first step is to make the choice and the commitment.”

The School of Business offers students a business degree that will expand their knowledge base and upgrade their skills to enhance their career progression in business and management. For every student, the first step is to make the choice and the commitment.

While applicants to Singapore University of Social Sciences are subjected to the same entry requirements, applicants to the School of Business' programmes would be interviewed to assess their suitability for our programmes. Students could take this opportunity to find out more about their programmes, before making their final decision.

Successful applicants would be offered a place in the programme of choice. An acceptance of the offer marks the beginning of the student's commitment to pursue a Singapore University of Social Sciences degree.

The Orientation: Opening a New Chapter

One would naturally be apprehensive about taking on a new challenge in life. Lessons, assignments, examinations – are common worries on the minds of students after having left student life years ago.

As in other institutions, students undergo an orientation to get to know the learning culture in Singapore University of Social Sciences. However, unlike other institutions, our orientation provides more opportunities for students to get to know our faculty and also the Dean of the school, before the start of the term.

Students would be briefed on the various channels and avenues available for students to access their learning materials and to get assistance during their course of study.

The Environment: Promoting a Culture for Self-Learning

"We aim for flexibility in the learning approach, without sacrificing academic rigour and standards."

Singapore University of Social Sciences provides a flexible learning environment that ensures our students are able to balance their studies, work and family commitments.

Besides the provision of print materials before the start of term, courses are being made available online via our learning management system in phases. Lectures, tutorials and seminars are conducted in the evenings and on weekends.

Courses are also organised in a credit system and scheduled within a modular structure, allowing students to choose the desired number of courses to complete in a semester, subjected to a maximum cap. This allows students to learn at a pace suitable for them.

The School of Business provides a flexible learning environment to enable a student to learn anytime, anywhere; promoting a culture of self-learning. We aim for flexibility in the learning approach, without sacrificing academic rigour and standards.


The Journey: Bringing the Business World to You

"...what they teach in the night could very well find its way into a students' actions or decisions at work the very next day."

Credit Unit (cu) System
Most courses are offered as a 5 credit unit (cu) course. Students usually do not take more than four 5 cu courses per semester. On average, our students complete their studies in 4 ½ years, due to work and family commitment.

Small Seminar-Style Classes
Classes in the School of Business are conducted in small seminars of about 50 students. Instructors focus on discussions and class exercises, encouraging active peer-to-peer interactions as well as class discussions. These activities hone communication and decision-making skills – important traits for today's business professionals.

Real-World Learning Experience
Class assignments and assessments revolves around real-world issues that students may encounter at work. Using these work-base examples, our students participate in active discussions with their instructors; exchanging ideas and views, besides gaining insights into their classmates' workplace scenarios. Our unique student profile which comprises of working professionals, facilitates this learning process. Discussions are brought into the virtual world through the use of discussion boards which are facilitated by instructors.

Industry Exposure
With close support from industry partners, our students get first hand exposure to the workings within the industry. The School of Business calendar of events are constantly filled with programmes and activities which expose our students to the business world.

Seminars, talks and conferences, brings experts from the industry and academia together to share their professional experiences and research knowledge in the confines of the campus. Site visits and field trips, on the other hand, brings students to witness how classroom theories translate to real-life applications in the actual professional setting.

Our faculty and instructors are deeply aware of one fact which sets our programme apart from other business degrees – what they teach in the night could very well find its way into a student’s actions or decisions at work the very next day.

Overseas Immersion
Our students have the unique opportunity to connect with institutions and industry overseas through our overseas immersion programmes organised in collaboration with our overseas strategic partners. Overseas study trips have been conducted in countries such Bhutan, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. More such trips are being planned for China, India and Thailand. These immersion programmes give participants a broader view of how businesses and supply chains operate in different contexts through company visits and case studies. They provide rich insights into the people, language, culture and cuisine in Asia. Participants are able to form strong friendships and networks with their overseas counterparts as well as among themselves.

The Graduation: Your Goal, Your Pride, Your Moment

Student life in the School of Business revolves around night lessons on campus or online, intense discussions, project work and assignments as well as assessments and examinations, while balancing work, family and social commitments.

At the end of this journey, you would have obtained new knowledge and picked up new skills, gained rare insights into the processes in the business world and made new friends and form new bonds. Graduation marks the celebration of your effort and achievements for having reached this juncture of your educational journey.


Most importantly, our graduates have become professionals who are analytical, articulate and effective decision makers ready to face challenges in the business world.


The Alumni: Learning & Networking for Life


Our alumni work in diverse sectors of the economy. They are essentially our Singapore University of Social Sciences ambassadors for life.

The School of Business keeps in touch with its alumni through its annual school dinner which brings alumni, students and associates together to network and reinforce bonds formed during their studies. Such informal settings provides a platform for the school and the alumni to build relationships that last a lifetime.

"Take that first step as many before you have done, and aim to be part of our growing Singapore University of Social Sciences ambassadors for life."


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