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PsyConnect Wins SUSS Provost 3H Fund - Community Impact Award

On 31 August 2023, PsyConnect (SUSS Student Psychology Interest Group), won the SUSS Provost 3H Fund – Community Impact Award for developing a mental health e-toolkit in collaboration with North West Community Development Council (NWCDC). The project is part of NWCDC’s initiative to raise awareness and educate the community on topics of mental wellness. This includes conducting talks, workshops, and building resources (such as the e-toolkit), to provide them with basic mental and emotional support. 

On winning the award, Bryan Chan, ex-President and current Advisor of PsyConnect, who spearheaded the project, shared, “With the pandemic restrictions, PsyConnect could not volunteer with its usual partners in the mental health sphere. Through A/P Emily’s guidance, we were grateful to have an opportunity to partner with NWCDC to serve the community in a different way.”

The Mental Wellness e-toolkit can be found here.


PsyConnect Awards Ceremony photo

Taylor & Francis Gold Award Winner

Rajkirren S/O Rajendran

BSc (Hons) Psychology Graduate, 2022


Find out how studying Psychology inspired Raj to help others be better versions of themselves and how he did not let his eye condition stop him from serving society.


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