SHBS Staff Brighten up Children’s Day at AWWA School @ Bedok

Written with assistance of ChatGPT

In celebration of Children’s Day in October 2023, the School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences (SHBS) embarked on a heartwarming mission to bring joy to 90 special needs students from AWWA School @ Bedok. The initiative was a success thanks to the overwhelming support and generosity of SHBS faculty and staff, who thoughtfully prepared care packages and raised additional funds to support the specific needs of the children.

Before D-day, the care packages were joyfully delivered to AWWA School @ Bedok by a small team of volunteers, setting the stage for a day filled with smiles and laughter.

On Children’s Day, the care packages containing art and craft materials, fidget toys, snacks and stationery were distributed to the students with the assistance of the school staff. Our eager volunteers also played a pivotal role at the Super Mario-themed Children's Day Carnival. They manned the game booths and patiently provided guidance to the students to ensure every activity ran smoothly. Alongside the school staff, our committed volunteers were able to create a fun-filled day for the participants.


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