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Welcome Message by Prof Leslie Chew,  Dean of SLAW



Join us at Singapore University of Social Sciences School of Law!

So you want to be a lawyer! Here’s your chance by joining us at the School of Law. Why join us? Well, if you want to practise law as a lawyer in Singapore, we aim to train you and make you ready for practice in Singapore. We will teach you and train you ‘in context’ – to be an important part of your community in Singapore. At the Singapore University of Social Sciences School of Law, you will not only learn the law but you will gain practical skills relevant to the practice of law. When you graduate from our School of Law, you will be a law graduate who can immediately apply what you have learnt and who is ready to be a productive member of a law practice. In time, you will grow into and become an integral part of the social fabric of our community. So don’t wait, be a pioneer in this refreshing approach to the study and practice of law!

“Lawyer to the Community”

Professor Leslie Chew, SC
Dean, School of Law

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