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Professor Koh Hian Chye

Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor

Email: hckoh@suss.edu.sg

Educational Qualifications

PhD (Accounting), Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech)

BAcc (2nd Class Honours), National University of Singapore

Academic and Professional Experience

Adjunct Professor, SUSS

2016 - 2022
Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics

2013 - 2016
Assistant Provost, UniSIM College

2006 - 2012
Dean, School of Business, UniSIM

1998 - 2006
Vice-Dean, Nanyang Business School (NBS), NTU

1995 - 1998
Division Head, Actuarial Science & Insurance, NBS (NTU)

1987 - 1997
Faculty, NBS (NTU)

1983 - 1987
Senior Tutor, NTI/National University of Singapore



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FCA Singapore [Fellow Chartered Accountant] (Singapore, ISCA)

2006 - 2016
FACCA [Fellow Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK)]

2004 - 2012
FCPA Singapore [Fellow Certified Public Accountant] (Singapore, ICPAS)

1989 - 2003
CPA Singapore [Certified Public Accountant] (Singapore, ICPAS)
  • InfoComm Development Agency (IDA); Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence Society (PREMIA)- Data Mining Trainer
  • KPMG Services - Research & Statistical Consultant
  • Sift Analytics; MinSheng Bank - Data Mining Course Instructor
  • LinkAsia; Health Promotion Board; MobileOne; National Computer Systems - Data Mining Consultant
  • SAS Institute - Data Mining Consultant & Instructor
  • Stone Forest Management Consultants; PKF Consultants - Market Research Consultant
  • Auditor General’s Office - Honourary Consultant on Statistical Applications
  • Singapore Post; Singapore General Hospital; Commercial Affairs Department (MOF); Diners’ Club; Singapore Tourist Promotion Board; Singapore Pools - Statistical Consultant
  • Institutional analytics; learning analytics; data mining and business analytics applications

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