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The SUSS logo is the single most iconic element of our brand. It is carefully crafted to represent SUSS and what we stand for and the value we bring to the world.

Our Logo Significance

The SUSS logo marries the acronym of the University with its full name for a simple but strong brand identity. The rounded bespoke letters lend a subtle proprietary quality. It is strong and clean and made unique with the combination of the letters with three dots. The rounded font draws a parallel with the University’s professional yet dynamic and grounded personality. The three dots of the letter ‘U’ highlight the key tenets of SUSS' well-rounded education, representing ‘Head’, ‘Heart’ and ‘Habit’. The ‘U’ further signifies education, growth and progression, as well as point to the stakeholders we serve.



SUSS Colours

Our visual language revolves around the bold and bright colour palette - reflecting our sincerity, maturity and optimism in an impactful manner. It also represents an inquisitive and positive attitude towards lifelong learning.

Primary Colours

SUSS Blue communicates significance, importance and confidence, reflecting the university’s core belief that everyone has the right to a good education and a brighter future. The colour is also associated with intelligence, stability and unity, qualities that represent our university.

SUSS Red represents strength, power, determination and passion, qualities that relate closely to humanity which is at the heart of social sciences. The colour also inspires action and confidence – traits that SUSS hopes to instil in our students.

Secondary Colours

Our secondary colour palette complements the primary SUSS colours and reflects our vibrancy and energy.



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