Alumni Relations

Alumni Volunteer Programme

As a volunteer, you will benefit from your involvement in different ways. Some enjoy meeting new people and discovering friends, and some will benefit from the interactions made possible through the alumni network.


Financial and Facility Support

You will be supported by the group leaders and Alumni Relations Department. You will receive regular updates on the developments of the university and initiatives of Alumni Relations Department. You can also count on your fellow group members for support and advice.


To Get Started

You can join your preferred alumni group as an 'observer'; the group leader will assign a buddy to each observer. The observation period is determined by the group leader and it may vary from applicant to applicant. When deem suitable, the observer will be appointed as a volunteer.

To be a student volunteer, you should be at least in your third semester of study.

As an appointed volunteer, you will:

  • Be offered to serve the Singapore University of Social Sciences student/alumni community 
  • Be invited to attend exclusive volunteers events
  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement 
  • Be introduced to fellow volunteers 


Setting Up an Alumni Group

Like-minded alumni are welcome to set-up new groups.



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Get in Touch

Interested to set up an alumni group? Reach out to the Alumni Relations Department at tel:+65 6248 9215 or send us an email. We look forward to working with you.

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