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Faces of SUSS #21: Ben Choo


#FacesOfSUSS 21


"Life in Singapore University of Social Sciences is challenging but enjoyable. It is not just about the studying, but the many life lessons I gleaned in my time.

The most memorable experience I had in SUSS was my involvement in Orientation day. It was great seeing so many people taking the first step on their journey of lifelong learning. The ability to calm their nervousness gives me the confidence to be able to lead them to a greater self in their learning journey.

I pursued a degree in Biomedical Engineering, fitting for my passion in medical research. SUSS taught me how to be critical, which helped with my inventive new ideas. On days off school, I would catch up on literature reviews on current and advanced medical technologies, sourcing for areas of improvement. The next step for me is to achieve my goals (in the medical industry) and to help more patients. I am gladdened for my journey with SUSS. I believe with my enhanced education and skillset, I would be able to scale greater heights."


Ben Choo 
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering,
Class of 2018



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