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Faces of SUSS #20: Caleb Tan


#FacesOfSUSS 20


"As a part-time student, I only spent a couple of hours a week in school. There was very little time spent bonding with my classmates because we were all busy working professionals. That naturally led to a poor sense of belonging with SUSS for the first 5 semesters.

This changed when I joined the T03 class for Strategy, one of the hardest modules. Shireen Kaw was the lecturer for our class and she played an integral part in breaking the ice for everyone. Even before the class started, there was already a WhatsApp group created where everyone had to introduce themselves. “Man, this must be serious”, I thought to myself.

The group chat proved to be an important communication tool – for instance, when a participant pipes up with a question, the rest of us would chip in with our own inputs, resulting in a meaningful discussion. This was the first “out-of-classroom” learning experience I had. In all the other modules I’ve taken, group chats were only created for group projects but never for the entire class.

The best part of learning is having classmates who critique your learning and stimulate you intellectually. That happened in every group presentation we had and the exchange of ideas helped to bond us together."


Caleb Tan 
Bachelor of Science in Business
Class of 2017



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