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Faces of SUSS #13: Gary Lim


#FacesOfSUSS 13


"It was the decision of a lifetime to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Facilities and Event Management with SUSS. I wanted to upgrade myself and acquire theoretical knowledge beyond industrial experiences. Being awarded the HomeTeam-UniSIM sponsorship reaffirmed my motivation, and it helped that the modules in my program were interesting and offered insights into the intricacies of facilities and event management.

My first favorite memory is the result release. It has been 8 years since I’ve been in school and so I was worried about this result release. Turned out it was unfounded – I got a satisfactory grade! Seeing it motivated me to challenge myself to achieve more.

My second favorite memory is attending my first ever online lesson at home. I’ve never experienced such a ‘live’ lesson environment – what a cool experience!

My third favorite memory is attending classes at the various venues beyond SUSS facilities. It was refreshing to experience student life at SP and BCA through SUSS. I enjoyed and treasured these lectures.

Pursuing higher education at SUSS has widened my eyes to the different facets of the course. It deepened my thinking ability and developed the logic skills necessary to predict possible solutions to a problem. Most of my lecturers were rich in their experience and readily shared their expertise, teaching us how to accurately make predicaments and manoeuvre challenges. I am gladdened by SUSS’ new status as an autonomous university and I look forward to greater things from the school."

Gary Lim
Bachelor of Sciences in Facilities and Events Management
Class of 2018
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