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Faces of SUSS #18: Jason Leong


#FacesOfSUSS 18


"I was browsing the SUSS (formerly UniSIM) website when I saw the interesting modules offered in the BEng Aerospace Systems programme. Modules such as Flight Dynamics and a trip to Cranfield got me interested in enhancing my knowledge and skills.

More importantly, this was a part-time programme and it catered to my working time with the Republic of Singapore Air Force. I immediately took up this programme and started my wonderful journey.

The enriching journey of 5 years was wonderful. From gaining new insights in both theory and practical aspects, to acquiring invaluable knowledge that allowed direct application at work. New friendships were made and we bonded together, graduating united as one. This friendship enabled us to strive and push through together. This indeed was memorable and invaluable.

This programme has definitely broadened my competency at work. I shared new knowledge with my colleagues, motivating them to pursue a degree in this programme. This programme is recognised by several companies and has landed me as a Station Manager (SIN) with a company based in Sweden. This journey is fruitful and I strongly recommend others to pursue in their dreams."


Jason Leong
Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Systems
Class of 2018
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