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Faces of SUSS #05: Josephine Oei


#FacesOfSUSS 5

"Getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling sits at the top of my bucket list. Unlike many university degrees, a counselling degree empowers you with knowledge and skills that you can use in a personal and professional capacity.

I took the brave step to take up the offer by SUSS in 2007 despite having a full time job and two demanding primary school children. It was pretty fun sharing the study table with them! My spouse was very supportive of my decision too. I could not believe I was going back to school.

I still remember the first day I entered the class, armed with new stationery. As I stepped in, someone said: “The lecturer is here!” Sheepishly, I sat down among the young adults, trying to ignore the awkward silence. I was laughing out loud in my head! And so, my exciting journey began.

My three years at SUSS has enriched my life in many ways. My lecturers provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills and taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world. My classmates are from all walks of life and despite the age differences, we have a common goal which is “to have supper after each class”. Thanks to them, I put on a couple of happy pounds.

Today, we are still in touch with each other; some of them have gotten married, some have kids and some have retired. Looking back, I am glad I took up the challenge to finish the degree course. It is one of the best journeys I have embarked on.

What is next on my bucket list? Visit Japan! Hello Kitty here I come!"

Josephine Oei
Bachelor of Counselling
Class of 2009
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