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Faces of SUSS #02: Karen Chan


#FacesOfSUSS 2

"I was five years old when my father passed away. Both my elder siblings and I were fostered out to different homes. The goodwill of my relatives and positive figures helped guide my self-trek through a tumultuous journey.

While many of my peers went on to university, I took on another loss of my guardian to cancer. Having to take care of basic needs like food and shelter, I had to pass on three scholarships. Juggling several jobs and being deprived of education sharpened the vision of who and where I want to be.

With my priorities taken care of, I returned to school for my continued education. Today, I am a full-time Marketing Manager at Space, where families come together to create a home for sanctuary and enjoyment. This is a far contrast from my early days of being a couch surfer and living on donated furniture.

It is not easy being the breadwinner and a student at the same time but as a living testimony, I encourage everyone to listen closely to their aspirations and march to the beat of their own drum.


Karen Chan
Bachelor in Visual Communications with Business


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