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Faces of SUSS #15: Selena Ker


#FacesOfSUSS 15

"I was 10 when I first heard Jeff Chang singing on television. Since then, I fell in love with music and entertainment, binging on Japanese dramas so avidly that I took Japanese classes – in fact, I am a JLPT N1 holder!

To me, singing is a way to communicate emotions to my listeners. My personal and professional passion came together when I undertook the Bachelor of Communication, the first step in fulfilling my dream to study in a media-related field.

It was tough for me initially as I came from a science background; writing wasn’t my forte and I struggled with assignments in the first semester. But with practice and guidance from my lecturer, my writing skills strengthened. My favorite memory in school was meeting my comrades from the PSY390 and PSY392 modules! We struggled through the complicated theories, laughed through the tutorials and kept in close touch even after graduation. Studying part-time while working helped me learn how to better manage my time. Being able to write on a topic of personal interest for my essays is more than satisfying too!"

Selena Ker
Bachelor of Communications
Class of 2015
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