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Faces of SUSS #11: Ser Jie Hui


#FacesOfSUSS 11

"I always wanted to be an engineer. It was a dream I harbored since my youth. But due to my family’s limited income, I had to choose an occupation that was safe. I diverged from my dream and became a secretary at Great Eastern Life.

I was fortunate to be posted to the Republic of Singapore Air Force during National Service. Working in aviation field sparked my interest in the field and enforced my dream: I wanted to be an engineer within the aviation industry. To chase this dream, I enrolled into SUSS for the Bachelor’s Engineering Degree in Electronics in 2007. I did not do well in the first semester and struggled with the workload.

When the next semester rolled by in 2008, I was informed that SUSS had launched an aviation degree in Aerospace System. Without hesitation, I applied for a course transfer to the Bachelor’s Engineering Degree in Aerospace System. I was finally on my way to becoming an engineer in aviation.

To help with my family’s limited income, I worked part-time throughout my course. I pushed myself to complete my commitments without compromising on my career. This newfound discipline made me a more responsible person and shaped me to become who I am today.

I met my wife along my SUSS journey, reinvigorated by her support, pushed through all my personal challenges and ordeals to graduate from the Bachelor’s program with Honours. SUSS has given me a chance to enhance my knowledge in aviation, providing a fulfilling program that ensured I stayed updated in the field of aerospace. Without SUSS, I wouldn’t have finally landed my dream job as an engineer, wouldn’t have met my amazing wife, and wouldn’t have become who I am today."

Ser Jie Hui
Bachelor of Engineering Aerospace Systems (Honours)
Class of 2012
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