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Faces of SUSS #01: Sofia Nasruddin


#FacesOfSUSS 1

"My late dad was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was very young. His condition inspired me to gain a deeper understanding of Psychology.

I took this course as I wanted to teach children with special needs. I have always been curious of the field, which is relevant to my line of work and previous education too.

My favorite memory of SUSS was my convocation. After all the hard work of juggling work, studies and my personal life, I’m finally graduating! As I was walking along the school after the ceremony, I got nostalgic reminiscing the times I rushed from work to attend my classes, making pit stops at the snack shop because I had no time for proper meals. The sacrifices I had to make when I was studying in SUSS became a bittersweet lifelong lesson.

My time at SUSS taught me how to manage my time well when I deal with new projects as well as when managing the expectations of my seniors. I am more systematic in the way I handle my work thanks to the practice I’ve had in SUSS, which has paid off with recognition at work."

Sofia Nasruddin
Bachelor of Science (BSc), Psychology
Class of 2017
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