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Faces of SUSS #26: Vimel Rajoo


I am currently the CEO of Trybe where I provide leadership and direction, and ensure that the Company achieves its goals and mission. Having worked here since 2014, the people in the organisation and the impact of the work that we do keep me going through the challenges and hard times that are inevitable. 

Being in the field of social work comes with a known fact that it is not easy and there will definitely be moments of discouragement and disappointment. However, I believe that it is always important to remember why we do what we do. Balancing work and life is an easy feat, in any field that is. It was a journey for me to learn to find rest, take breaks and telling myself that all that is well will be well. I am also grateful for supportive colleagues, friends and family members who understand and support me in their unique ways. 

Despite the rough waters that being in this field of work requires you to be in, I hold on to the belief that if one is clear of their reason for entering a particular sector or field of work, they should always fall back on that when the going gets tough. 

Though I am not on the frontline of my work all the time, the knowledge that I have gained through my Masters of Social Work programme in SUSS has definitely helped me gain a better understanding of the sector. With this enhances understanding, it allows for me to understand and empathise with my staff and the work they do on a deeper level. 

There have been many things to takeaway in this journey of mine but what I can impart to those out there would be to fully understand your own strengths and weaknesses. While we learn to capitalise on our strengths, build a team which can complement your weaknesses. Also, by never biting off more than you can chew, together as a strong team, you can definitely achieve more together.

Vimel Rajoo
Master of Social Work 
Class of 2019

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