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SoSEM (Start-of-Semester)

SoSEM is a biannual event hosted by Associates Management. It is held before every new semester begins. It is organised as an orientation that seeks to:

  • Provide incoming Associate Faculty (AF) and Full-time Faculty (FF) with a deeper understanding of the SUSS vision and core values
  • Convey the direction and approach towards teaching and championing lifelong learning
  • Allow new teaching faculty members to connect and network

SoSEM - January 2024

Sosem Jan 24 Provost sharing
Sosem Jan 24 NetworkingSosem jan24 - Lounge

SoSEM - July 2023

Sosem Jul 23 Provost Speech
Sosem Jul 23 AM Speech
Sosem Jan 23 Networking

SoSEM - January 2023 (organised as part of SUSS Town Hall)

Sosem Jan 23 President SpeechSosem Jan 23 Cover SlideSosem Jan 23 Attendees

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