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Peak Performance

Peak Performance (NCO112)

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Language: English

Duration: 6 months

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School/Department: College of Interdisciplinary & Experiential Learning


How do some people manage to achieve success in life? In this course, we examine the strategies that successful people use to stay motivated and consistently perform at their very best, overcoming challenges and stressful situations to succeed. By understanding why it is important to win and lose in life, students will learn about the biopsychosocial approach of peak performance, understand mental, physical, and emotional strategies to manage their behaviours, and improve their interactions with the people around them. Drawing upon the multidisciplinary field of performance, this course empowers students with practical strategies as they learn to adopt a growth mindset and apply the habits of high performers to their everyday lives to cope with challenges, achieve their goals, and be resilient in life.

Level: 1
Credit Units: 2.5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • Winning in Life: Learning to Win and Lose
  • Stress and Recovery Cycles for Optimal Performance
  • Psychological Skills for Peak Performance: Mindsets and Mental Skills
  • Physical Strategies for Peak Performance: Exercise, Nutrition, & Sleep
  • Setting the Bar and Reference Points: Managing Expectations
  • You Version 2.0: Developing Your Peak Performance Plan

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the importance of learning from both positive and negative life experiences
  • Explain how strategies used for peak performance can be applied to everyday life
  • Practise self-reflection to increase self-awareness
  • Identify current and future personal adaptive and maladaptive habits for peak performance
  • Apply peak performance strategies to challenges in life across various settings
  • Develop a peak performance plan
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