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SAS Programming and its Application

SAS Programming and its Application (ANL351)


ANL351 SAS Programming and its Application introduces the fundamentals of SAS programming. Topics include introducing the various component to the SAS Language, working with SAS and non-SAS datasets, preparing data, summarizing data, producing reports and producing reusable SAS code.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Overview of the SAS Foundation
  • Introduction to the SAS Language
  • Working with SAS Syntax
  • Working with SAS non-SAS datasets
  • Validating data in SAS
  • Preparing data in SAS
  • Processing data iteratively
  • Restructuring a dataset in SAS
  • Combining datasets in SAS
  • Summarizing data in SAS
  • Producing summarizing reports in SAS
  • Constructing reusable SAS code.

Learning Outcome

  • Explain how the SAS language works.
  • Write SAS programs to import SAS and non-SAS datasets.
  • Execute data preparation tasks using SAS programs.
  • Implement processing of data iteratively using SAS programs.
  • Create summary reports in SAS.
  • Construct reusable SAS code.
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