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Analytics Internship

Analytics Internship (ANL580)


ANL580 Analytics Internship is an elective internship that bears 10 credit units towards the MAVI programme. The internship is expected to have a 6-month duration and the internship roles are expected to be related to the use of data or automation. The student is expected to write a report documenting the skills and experience related to analytics, visualisation or automation acquired during the internship.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 10
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • Nil

Learning Outcome

  • Organize data analytics tasks adapted to qualitative and/or quantitative variables.
  • Design an analytics strategy to analyse information and identify patterns and trends, or automation workflow to address a business challenge.
  • Synthesize ideas and information to develop the appropriate analytics or automation solutions.
  • Demonstrate effectiveness in working with others in the organization and in working as part of a team by listening and responding effectively to the ideas of others, and the ability to work effectively with personnel from diverse backgrounds.
  • Defend ideas through effective verbal and written communication.
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