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Current Issues and Trends in Sport

Current Issues and Trends in Sport (BSE317)


BSE317 Current Issues and Trends in Sport aims to equip students with the knowledge of the development of sport and current issues in sport, and sharpen their critical thinking skills through discussion of pertinent, controversial and engaging issues. Students will learn about major spot initiatives and policies in Singapore. Incorporating the sociological perspective in the study of spot, the course presents topics and issues that students will need to understand, reflect on and engage in debates and discussions as part of their learning and development towards being professionals in their fields.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Sports and socialisation
  • Major sport initiatives and policies in Singapore
  • Roles, functions, and relationships of international and national sport organisations
  • Lifelong active and healthy lifestyle: Issues in school, community and/or national programmes
  • Sports for elite performance versus sports for all
  • Barriers to participations: Affordability, disabilities, age
  • Appropriate coaching practices in sports
  • Children/youth and burnout in sports
  • Racism and gender equity in sports
  • Violence in sports
  • Deviance in sports
  • Sports, media and politics

Learning Outcome

  • Describe basic concepts of sports and key sociological concepts in relation to sports in society.
  • Examine issues or controversies and trends in sport.
  • Discuss development of sport and sport policies in Singapore.
  • Appraise issues or controversies in sport in relation to policies or practices.
  • Collect information relevant for examining issues or controversies in sport.
  • Recommend solutions or suggestions for handling identified issues or controversies.
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