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Contract and Agency Law

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Contract and Agency Law (BUS201)


BUS201 Contract & Agency Law introduces students to the key elements of contract and agency law and the role of contractual and agency relationships in business. In respect of contract law, the goal of the course is to demonstrate how contract law facilitates business transactions by being the “glue” which binds parties to perform their agreements. In respect of agency law, the goal is to show how legal rules shape the numerous agency relationships which are found within the Singapore business environment. Throughout the course, students will be exposed to relevant Singapore case law and legislation in order to highlight the practical application of these topics in business transactions.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • Introduction to Law
  • Singapore Legal System
  • Contract: Offer
  • Contract: Acceptance
  • Contract: Considerations
  • Contract: Legal Intention
  • Contract: Terms
  • Contract: Vitiating Factors
  • Contract: Discharge and Remedies for Breach
  • Law of Agency

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the nature of law, the function of business law and highlight the salient features of the Singapore legal system, especially those that impact upon business activity.
  • Describe how a contract is created, performed and discharged, and provide examples of common contracts in the business environment.
  • Identify the key elements of a contract, namely offer, acceptance, consideration and legal intention, and examine the legal rules applicable to them.
  • Distinguish express terms from implied terms, conditions from warranties, and identify innominate terms in a contract.
  • Interpret exemption clauses in a contract and test their validity by applying the legal rules in relation to them.
  • Recognise the circumstances, also known as vitiating factors, which can undermine the formation and performance of a contract and their legal impact on the contract.
  • Examine the different ways in which a contract may be discharged, and the types of remedies available for a breach of contract.
  • Use the concept of limitation of actions and demon
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