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Leader as Change Agent

Leader as Change Agent (BXL612)


This course looks back on the learner’s journey and forward to the future. An important aspect of leadership is effective use of and reflection on feedback. For these reasons, a key feature of this course is for learners to curate a feedback dialogue with invited selected stakeholders to share with the cohort, their experience of the implementation. Together, the group will critically analyse the feedback and discuss lessons learnt (for all involved in the discussion). Learners will surface and advance their stances on leadership, learning, innovation and change. Using their own and peers’ experiences, learners will critically analyse the different interventions, and the appropriateness of diverse forms of data and their analysis for both design and evaluation purposes. From this range of feedback from multiple sources, learners will strategise their next steps forward in their own development. This will contribute to their assessment for this course, along with the writing of a guide on change leadership for their selected audience. An alternative assessment for those who select it, will be writing a manuscript for submission to an academic publication.

Level: 6
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • Using meta-frames to provide peer feedback on each other’s project
  • Curating feedback with stakeholders
  • Facilitating feedback
  • Hard lessons learnt during process
  • Looking back at the learning journey across the programme
  • Examining leadership amidst change
  • Learner’s identity, agency and leadership
  • Overcoming obstacles in the leadership journey
  • Writing a Guide on leading, designing and implementing change; OR
  • Writing a scholarly blind peer reviewed manuscript
  • Reviewing each other’s outlines and conceptualisation - providing feedback
  • Looking forward - strategising learners’ continuing development

Learning Outcome

  • Analyse feedback from diverse sources
  • Evaluate the fit for purpose of a range of interventions
  • Prioritise next steps in their work and learning journey
  • Formulate constructive feedback
  • Plan stakeholder feedback sessions
  • Design support for others in leading, designing and implementing change
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