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Pedagogies for Learning and Innovation

Pedagogies for Learning and Innovation (BXL621)


Learners will examine and trial different workplace learning pedagogies. Through this process learners will explore what it means to ‘own’ and develop their practice. That is, to be aware of systemic and cultural influences on their own and others’ assumptions. They will be introduced to a practice theoretical approach that enables analysis of cultural and historical norms that reproduce and/or create spaces of innovation, learning and change. By overlaying the ecosystem approach learners will be able to bring a powerful lens to analysing how to support learning, innovation and change.

Level: 6
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • Workplace learning
  • Formal / informal and non-formal learning
  • The implications of human capital and socio-cultural perspectives on workplace learning
  • Workplace learning and the organisation
  • Strategies /techniques for workplace learning
  • Inquiring into workplace practices that support or inhibit learning and innovation
  • Capturing and analysing instances of learning and innovation
  • Trialling and evaluating different pedagogies for learning and innovation
  • Putting together a toolkit to support innovation and workplace learning
  • Ecosystem influences on learning and innovation
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Learners’ stance on learning and innovation

Learning Outcome

  • Critique common and theoretical understandings of learning and implications for
  • Evaluate a range of workplace learning pedagogies
  • Construct a meta-language to examine their own and others’ assumptions in a relevant
  • Create strategies/techniques to support learning and innovation relevant to their own
  • Improve on known strategies that support innovation
  • Design analytical strategies to understand learning and innovation in their work setting(s)
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