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Classical Chinese Literature (1) (中国古典文学 (1))

Classical Chinese Literature (1) (中国古典文学 (1)) (CHS203)


Ancient Chinese literature has a long and rich history, which includes Pre-Qin literature, Han Dynasty literature; Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties literature; Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties literature; Song and Yuan literature; Ming and Qing literature, etc. The literary content involves poetry and prose, novels and dramas, etc of various historical periods. Focusing on the development context, basic characteristics, selected writers and their literary works in various historical periods, this course will introduce the literary styles and characteristics from the pre- Qin period to the Tang Dynasty to deepen students’ understanding of ancient Chinese literature and Chinese cultural traditions.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Definition of Chinese Literature and Characteristics of Chinese Literature History 中国文学的定义,中国文学史的特色
  • Introduction to Pre-Qin Literature 先秦文学概说
  • Introduction to Hanfu (poetry in Han Dynasty) 汉赋概说
  • An overview of Han Dynasty historical thought, prose and poetry 汉代史传思想散文、汉乐府诗歌概说
  • Jian'an Literature 建安文学
  • Literature of Jin Dynasty 两晋文学
  • Southern Dynasty Literature 南朝文学
  • Northern Dynasty Literature 北朝文学
  • Sui Dynasty Literature 隋代文学
  • Tang Poetry 唐诗
  • Tang Novels and “bianwen” 唐传奇、变文
  • Classical Prose Movement in Tang Dynasty 唐古文运动

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the history of classical Chinese literature
  • Describe the literary trend of each Chinese era
  • Examine relevant literary concepts, trends of thought and literary phenomena
  • Illustrate the characteristics of Chinese literature in different periods
  • Analyse the literary achievements of important writers
  • Apply knowledge learnt to improve the ability to read and comprehend classic Chinese texts
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