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Understanding Singapore Society (理解新加坡社会)

Understanding Singapore Society (理解新加坡社会) (CHS215)


This course provides a general introduction to the various aspects of Singapore society, from its historical formation to its post-independence social transformation. Reflecting on the diverse social, economic, political, historical proceedings and legacies, challenges and contradictions that have constructed modern Singapore society, this course aims to equip students with varied lenses that will enable them to think critically about Singapore society, to relate them to the larger political, economic, social and cultural contexts, and to apply new knowledge to daily life experiences.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • The Making of Modern Singapore 小岛城国:现代新加坡的成长之路
  • Economic Growth and Transformation 经济发展与转型战略
  • Language and Culture 语言与文化
  • Religion and Inter-Ethnic Relations 宗教与种族关系
  • Family and Gender 家庭与性别
  • Housing 居者有其屋:新加坡的住房政策
  • Health 医疗与卫生
  • Governance 法治与廉正:新加坡治理的基石
  • Education 任人唯贤、唯才是用:新加坡教育制度
  • Social Resilience 新加坡社会保障制度
  • Diversity and Inclusivity 多元与包容性社会
  • Social Movements and Change 社会运动与变革

Learning Outcome

  • 说明对新加坡社会的分析和整体了解。
  • 讨论当代新加坡所面临的前景和挑战。
  • 指出影响新加坡转型的经济、社会、基础设施和制度动态的关键因素。
  • 运用对新加坡社会的认识和理解于日常生活中。
  • 分析新加坡境内外复杂的社会系统和联系。
  • 应用所学到的概念来理解新加坡所面临的问题。
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