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Classical Chinese Literary Criticism (中国古代文学批评史)

Classical Chinese Literary Criticism (中国古代文学批评史) (CHS305)


How did the ancient Chinese evaluate literary works? Who were the writers and which literary works were ancient Chinese critics interested in? What methods and criteria did ancient critics use to evaluate literature? What is the relationship between the history of ancient literary criticism and the history of ancient literature? What useful resources can ancient literary criticism provide for contemporary literary criticism? This course combines current research trends and introduces students to the content, methods and historical processes of ancient Chinese literary criticism, as well as works and viewpoints of selected literary critics. Through a critical reading of ancient texts, students will master the general knowledge of the history of ancient Chinese literary criticism, and improve their ability to study ancient Chinese literature.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Introduction
  • Pre-Qin Literary Criticism
  • Literary Criticism of the Han Dynasties
  • Literary criticism of Wei and Jin Dynasties
  • Literary criticism of Southern and Northern Dynasties
  • Sui and Tang Literary Criticism
  • Song Literary Criticism
  • Jin and Yuan Literary Criticism
  • Ming Dynasty Literary Criticism
  • Qing Dynasty Literary Criticism
  • Modern Literary Criticism
  • Conclusion

Learning Outcome

  • Examine the nature and development of ancient Chinese literary criticism
  • Distinguish the main perspectives of famous ancient Chinese literary critics
  • Illustrate the connotation, causes, characteristics and influence of important literary criticism theories
  • Analyze literary theoretical works from the aspects of society, culture and criticism
  • Appraise the basic theories, categories, propositions, and knowledge of ancient Chinese literary criticism
  • Apply the acquired knowledge to solve theoretical and practical problems in the process of reading classical text
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