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News Reporting and Writing in Chinese (中文新闻采访与写作)

News Reporting and Writing in Chinese (中文新闻采访与写作) (CLS317)

Applications Open: 01 May 2023

Applications Close: 15 June 2023

Next Available Intake: July 2023

Course Types: Modular Undergraduate Course

Language: Chinese

Duration: 6 months

Fees: $1378 View More Details on Fees

Area of Interest: Linguistics and Languages

Schemes: Alumni Continuing Education (ACE)

Funding: To be confirmed

School/Department: School of Humanities & Behavioural Sciences


Students are introduced to the fundamentals of news reporting and writing in Chinese in this hands-on course. Journalistic principles of accuracy, fairness and balance are emphasised. Students will also learn about the journalism code of ethics, reporting etiquette and how best to handle local sensitivities. Regular media writing exercises will be assigned to sharpen student reporting and writing skills.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • 单元一:新闻采访与写作概述
  • 单元二:新闻记者的专业角色与职业道德
  • 单元三:新闻选题的策划与实施
  • 单元四:新闻素材的来源与真实
  • 单元五:新闻采访的策略与技巧
  • 单元六:新闻写作的文本与结构

Learning Outcome

  • 解释华文媒体的简明新闻的基本原理与特征;
  • 分辨记者的角色和作用,从雇主与读者的角度;
  • 讨论怎样提炼素材、汇总成篇;
  • 阐释记者的社会伦理与责任;
  • 培育学员对新闻采访与写作的能力;
  • 善用各种信息源,把有价值的素材写成新闻稿;
  • 学会怎样运用记者的技术与实践;
  • 培养学员采访、写作、发表的技能。
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